Mary worked as a waitress in a restaurant. One day,she saw an old man go  1 
into the restaurant and toward a table. She ran over to him,and said,“Here,Sir. Let me help you with that  2 
Without saying a word,he smiled. She  3 
the chair away from the table. Steadying him with one arm,she helped him move in front of the chair and sit down comfortably. Then she put his walking stick by the table where he could reach it.
In a soft,clear voice he said,“It’s very kind  4 
“You’re welcome,Sir,”She replied.“And I am Mary. I’ll be back in a few minutes. If you need anything,just wave at me.”
After he had finished a big  5 
,Mary helped him up from his chair,and out from behind the table. She  6 
him his walking stick,and walked with him to the front door.
Holding the door  7 
for him,she said,“Come back and see us,Sir!”
He turned with his whole body,smiled,and nodded.“Thank you so much,”he said softly.
When Mary went to clean his table,she was very  8 
. Under his plate she found a business card,a one-hundred-dollar bill and a note which read:
Dear Mary,I respect you very much,and you respect yourself too. You have  9 
the secret of happiness. Your kind gestures will shine through those who meet you.
The man she had served was the owner of the restaurant where she worked. This was the  10 
time that she,or any of his staff had ever seen him in person.
/ v.使稳定:Steady that ladder for me,please. 请帮我扶稳梯子。
/ adj.舒服的,自在的:The chairs and beds are quite comfortable. 那些椅子和床都很舒服。
‖comfortablyadv.舒服地:I slept comfortably. 我睡得很舒服。
/ n.手杖,拐杖:Since the accident she has had to walk with a stick. 自从那次事故后,她不得不拄着拐杖走路。
‖walking stick手杖,拐杖
/ v.(nodded,nodding)点头:When she entered the room,she nodded to us. 她进房间时向我们点头致意。
/ n.表示,姿态:It was a nice gesture to invite his wife too. 把他的妻子也请来是友好的表示。
in person亲自,本人:I wanted to see him in person. 我想见他本人。
❶ A. quicklyB. shylyC. slowlyD. luckily❷ A. chairB. tableC. doorD. plate❸ A. liftedB. pulledC. pushedD. knocked❹ A. withB. toC. forD. of❺ A. mealB. cupC. listD. menu❻ A. sentB. handedC. threwD. showed❼ A. closedB. cleanC. straightD. open❽ A. boredB. worriedC. surprisedD. relaxed❾ A. questionedB. foundC. lostD. forgotten❿ A. firstB. sameC. lastD. next

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