ack wanted a bike. He asked his parents for money but they told him that he must earn it. But how could he?He thought about this all day. Not many people wanted him to work for them. Maybe he could sweep snow for the neighbours,but it was summer. He wasn’t able to cut grass for their gardens because he had no tool to do the work.
On the way home Jack saw one of his classmates,Jim,delivering newspapers.“I could do that,”he thought.“Maybe I can get a bike right away. I can pay for it a little each week.”He ran to catch up with Jim. Jack asked a lot of questions about having a paper route. He learned that it was going to earn  25 
dollars a week. He learned that job took about three hours each night. Jim gave him the phone number of the newspaper manager.
Jack almost flew home. After he told his plan to his mother,she smiled,“I think it’s a good idea,”she said,“I’ll call the manager…”
“Well,Mum,”said Jack.“Let me call. Because I’m going to be a businessman now.”
Jack’s mother smiled happily.
/ v.挣得,赚取:He earned money by selling cars. 他靠卖小汽车赚钱。
/ v.(swept)打扫:He swept the dirt out of the room. 他将垃圾扫出房间。
/ n.工具:Books are a scholar’s tools. 书籍是学者的工具。
/ n.路径,路线;方法,途径:We were looking for a route back to reality. 我们正在寻找返回现实的途径。
❶ From the story we learn that Jack _.
A. sold newspapers
B. liked to read newspapers
C. was a businessman
D. was a student
❷ Jack’s parents didn’t give him the money because _.
A. they had no money for a bike
B. they did not like him to have his own money
C. they wanted him to earn the money of his own
D. they thought Jack would lose the money
❸ How could Jack get the money?
A. He could sweep snow for the neighbours.
B. He could deliver newspapers.
C. He could cut grass for their gardens.D. He could ask his parents for it.
❹ “Jack almost flew home.”means that _.
A. he could go home by plane
B. he could fly like a bird
C. he ran back as fast as he could
D. he rushed out of his home quickly
❺ Jack’s mother smiled happily because _.
A. Jack had got a good job
B. Jack was going to get a lot of moneyC. Jack could call the manager himself
D. Jack had really grown up

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