Mr. Brown lived in a house less than two miles from his office,so he was able to drive home every day for lunch. Every time he drove home at noon,he found at the road outside his house cars were parked,and there was no room for his own car. He had to drive somewhere else to park his car. Then he had to walk back home. This made him very angry.
He had put up a board,which said“No Parking”in the garden facing the road,but nobody seemed to take any notice of it. People obeyed a police notice,but not a private one. There were no parked cars where there was a blue board with white letters on it:
Police Notice
No Parking
Mrs. Brown suggested that he steal a police notice. He dared not,being afraid of going to prison. She then suggested that he made one just like a police notice. He said he was not the police and couldn’t use the word“police”. He decided to find a way out.
Several days later,Mr. Brown made a blue board with white letters:
Polite Notice
No Parking
“Oh!”Mrs. Brown said.“But you told me you weren’t going to use the word‘police’. That’s exactly the same as a police notice.”
“Is it?”he asked.“Look again.”
She started to laugh,“You are really clever.”
/ n.木板,木牌:The side of the house was finished with oak boards. 房子的这面是用橡木板建成的。
/ adj.私人的:That’s my private view. 那是我个人的意见。
/ n.通知,布告;注意,觉察:The notice on the wall says“No smoking”. 墙上的布告写着“禁止吸烟”。/I beg your notice of my needs.我请求你关注我的需求。
‖take notice(of)注意,理会:I asked him to drive more slowly but he didn’t take any notice. 我叫他开车慢些,但他毫不理会。
way out出路;解决问题的办法:There seems to be no way out of the problem. 似乎没有解决这个问题的办法。
❶ Mr. Brown’s office was _ his house.
A. close toB. far from
C. half an hour’s drive from
D. less than two kilometres from
❷ The thing that made Mr. Brown angry was that _.
A. he saw many cars outside his house
B. he could find only a small place to park his car outside his house
C. he could not find a place to park his car outside his house
D. he had to drive away from his house
❸ People _ the notice“No Parking”which Mr. Brown had put up.
A. obeyed
B. did not obey
C. took some notice of
D. didn’t see
❹ Mr. Brown made a blue board with white letters which _.
A. was the same as a police notice
B. was quite different from a police notice
C. was different in colour from a police notice
D. looked like a police notice
❺ We can infer that _ after Mr. Brown put up the blue board.
A. not many cars were parked outside his house
B. some people still parked their cars outside his house
C. he could find room to park his car outside his house
D. he still had to drive away from his house to park his car

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