An old lady was crossing the street. She was walking slowly and people started to blow the horns of their cars at her. The woman didn’t speed up and walk faster. She took her time and slowly crossed the street. Once she got to the other side,she turned around and did the same thing again. After the fifth time,a man from the store across the street came out to talk to the woman.
“Why do you keep going back and forth across the street?Don’t you know that it’s dangerous?”he asked the old woman.
“Dear,I know it is dangerous,but I have to do it,”she replied.
“Why?”the man asked.
“When I was young,I never had any patience. I was always rushing around trying to do everything. Now that I’m older,I’ve slowed down. When I cross the street,other people have to slow down and wait for me. I’m teaching them to be patient,”she said.
/ v.鸣响;吹奏(喇叭等):I heard the guard’s whistle blow as I ran up the station steps. 我奔上车站台阶时,听到卫兵的哨子已经吹响。
/ n.(汽车等的)喇叭:All the drivers behind me were blowing their horns. 我后面所有的司机全都在鸣喇叭。
speed up加速,加快:The traffic speeded up once it reached the motorway. 车辆一到高速公路便加速行驶。
back and forth往复地,来回地:The wind moved the trees back and forth. 风吹得树来回摇晃。
/ n.耐心:Do you have the patience to do this job?你有干这份工作的耐心吗?
slow down(使)慢下来,(使)减速:Slow down,will you
,there’s a police car ahead. 开慢点好不好,前面有辆警车。
❶ Why were people blowing their car horns at the old woman?
A. She ran out in the middle of the street
B. She was crossing the street too slowly.
C. She wasn’t driving fast enough.
D. She ran her car into a man.
❷ Who spoke to the old woman?
A. A man driving a car.
B. A man who saw her crossing the street.C. A woman on the other side of the street
D. A taxi driver.
❸ What happened as the woman got older?
A. She became quickly.
B. She was always in a hurry.
C. She could no longer drive.
D. She became slower.
❹ What does she want to teach other people?
A. Old people need to be patient.
B. It is best to slow down.
C. Driving is very dangerous.
D. Older people walk slowly.

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