A very new,young officer was at a station. He was on his way to visit his mother in another town,and he wanted to telephone her to tell her the time of the train,so that she could meet him at the station in her car. He looked in all his pockets,but found that he did not have the right money for the telephone,so he went outside and looked around for someone to help him.
At last an old soldier came by,and the young officer stopped him and said,“Have you got change for one pound?”
“Wait a moment,”the old soldier answered. He began to put his hand in his pocket and said,“I’ll see whether I can help you.”
“Don’t you know how to speak to an officer?”the young man said angrily.“Now let’s start again. Have you got change for one pound?”
“No,sir,”the old soldier answered quickly.
/ adj.合适的,正好的:I think he is the right person for the job. 我认为他是这份工作的合适人选。
/ n.零钱:Can you give me change for a five-pound note?你能为我兑一张5英镑的钞票吗?
❶ The young officer and his mother lived in _.
A. the same townB. different places
C. a city
D. a village
❷ The young officer wanted to telephone to tell her _.
A. that he was going to visit her
B. where his train would leave for
C. what time his train would arrive at the station
D. that he was then at the station
❸ The young officer looked around for help because _.
A. he had no money to make the phone call
B. did not know where to make the phone call
C. needed some change for the phone call
D. wanted to get change for the old soldier
❹ The young officer was angry because he thought the old soldier _.
A. was polite to him
B. was not polite to him
C. didn’t know him
D. didn’t like to help him at all
❺ Which of the following is NOT true?
A. The young officer was angry with the old soldier.
B. The young officer wanted his mother to meet him at the station.
C. At first the old soldier was ready to help the young officer.
D. The young officer got change for one pound from the old soldier.

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