Eric was terribly ill. He couldn’t move and had to spend all day in  1 
. Because his friends were not allowed to go near him,he felt quite  2 
. Every day he just looked out of the  3 
,doing nothing at all. As time passed,Eric became more and more hopeless.
One day,however,he saw something very  4 
in the window. A panda was eating sandwiches there. Eric was very surprised. Before he could find out what had happened,he saw a monkey playing the violin. After a while,he saw more and more funny characters outside the window. This time he began to  5 
a lot and could hardly stop.
No one would stop laughing when they saw a pig playing a drum,or a dog  6 
a pair of glasses and acting like a teacher. Eric didn’t tell anyone about this  7 
he thought nobody would believe this. Anyway,those strange characters brought happiness back into his heart. Soon he got well and was able to go back to  8 
When class was over,Eric told his  9 
about all the strange things he had seen. While he was talking,he saw something coming out of Tom’s schoolbag. He wanted very much to know what it was,so he asked Tom again and again. Finally Tom had to  10 
him what was in the bag. There,inside,were all the fancy dress toys that Tom had used to cheer him up!
And from that day on,Eric always did his best to make sure that no one was sad or lonely.
/ n.人物,角色:The hero is the chief character in the play. 男主角是剧中的主要人物。
cheer up(使)高兴起来,(使)振作起来:The good news cheered her up. 好消息让她精神振奋。
/ adj.花哨的,精致的:I just want a pair of black shoes—nothing fancy. 我只想要一双黑色的鞋子——不要花哨的。
‖fancy dress(化装舞会上穿的)奇装异服:They came to the fancy dress party dressed as three knights. 他们打扮成三个骑士来参加化装舞会。
❶ A. schoolB. bedC. churchD. class
❷ A. happyB. tiredC. sadD. excited
❸ A. windowB. bookC. doorD. wall
❹ A. deliciousB. warmC. usefulD. strange
❺ A. cryB. laughC. runD. sing
❻ A. makingB. sellingC. inventingD. wearing
❼ A. becauseB. butC. soD. or
❽ A. workB. schoolC. townD. hospital
❾ A. parentsB. brothersC. sistersD. classmates
❿ A. teachB. showC. lendD. sell

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