A traveller was once staying in a village of another country. One day,she held up her camera to take pictures of the children at play. Suddenly the young ones began to shout in protest.
The traveller’s face turned red and she said sorry to the head for what she was doing,and told him she had forgotten that people in some places thought a person would lose his soul if his picture was taken. She explained to him the operation of a camera for a long time. Several times the head tried to say something,but he couldn’t.
When she was sure she had put the head’s fear to rest,the traveller then let him speak. With a smile,he said,“The children were trying to tell you that you forgot to take off the lens cap!”
/ n.抗议:We’ve received thousands of letters of protest. 我们已收到数以千计的抗议信。
/ n.领导,首领,头儿:He is the head of this section. 他是这个部门的头儿。
/ n.灵魂:Her body died but her soul went to heaven. 她的肉体死亡了,但灵魂却升入了天堂。
/ n.运行,操作:The operation of these machines is quite simple. 这些机器的操作很简单。
/ n.透镜;(照相机等的)镜头:Lenses are used in cameras,telescopes,etc. 透镜被用于照相机、望远镜等。
/ n.帽子;帽状物;盖,罩:a lens cap镜头盖/Make sure you put the cap back on that pen. 务必把笔套套回那支笔上。
❶ The children shouted when the traveller was taking pictures of them because _.
A. they didn’t want to have their pictures taken
B. the traveller was not doing well with her cameraC. they didn’t want to stop playing
D. the traveller forgot to take off the cap on her head
❷ The traveller said sorry to the head because _.
A. she thought it was not right to take people’s pictures without telling them beforehand
B. the children would lose their souls
C. she had stayed in the village too long
D. she didn’t take a picture of the head first
❸ The traveller explained how to use a camera to the head because _.
A. the head wanted to learn how to take pictures
B. she was afraid of the head
C. she wanted the head not to worry about what she was doing
D. the head was very interested in her camera
❹ When the head smiled,it was clear that _.
A. the traveller didn’t let him speak
B. the children wanted to play with herC. he wanted the traveller to tell him something else
D. the traveller didn’t know what the children meant
❺ Which of the following is NOT true?
A. The head was afraid that the traveller took pictures of the children at play.
B. The traveller didn’t understand why the children shouted.
C. The traveller knew something about people in some countries.
D. The children wouldn’t mind if the traveller took pictures of them.

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