d an old one before,but it had broken down several times during the spring.“What you want is a second-hand car,”I suggested.
“If you give me the money,”he said.“I’ll get one tomorrow.”
“I can’t give you the money,”I replied,“but what about Aunt Myra. She must have enough. We haven’t seen her since Christmas but she always says that we should go and see her more often.”
We told our parents where we were going. They weren’t very happy about it and asked us not to go. So we didn’t. But later that same day something strange happened. A doctor rang to tell us that Aunt Myra had gone into hospital for an operation.“We can’t all go and see her at the same time,”said my mother.“You two go today,but mustn’t mention the money.”
When we got there,Aunt Myra seemed quite happy.“I’m not seriously ill,”she said,“but the doctor insists that I’m getting too old to drive my car. You can have it if you promise to take me to the seaside now and again.”We agreed,and now we quite enjoy our monthly trips to the coast with Aunt Myra.
/ n.手术:They didn’t know whether the operation would be successful. 他们不知道手术是否会成功。
/ v.提及:Don’t mention the subject again this evening. 今晚不要再谈及这个话题。
/ v.坚持:He insisted on paying for the meal. 他坚持要付饭钱。
/ v.允诺,答应:She promised to return early. 她答应早些回来。
now and again/now and then有时,偶尔,不时:Now and again she went upstairs to see if he was still asleep. 她不时上楼去看看他是否还睡着。
❶ The brothers wanted to get _.
A. a free car
B. an old car
C. a second-class car
D. a cheap car
❷ The brothers decided to ask Aunt Myra _.
A. for a car
B. for some moneyC. to help them
D. to give them her own car
❸ When the brothers hurried to the hospital,_.
A. Aunt Myra had already had an operation
B. they found Aunt Myra was too ill to drive
C. they found Aunt Myra’s illness was not serious
D. they found the doctor very angry
❹ Aunt Myra gave her car to them since she was _.
A. old nowB. lying in hospital
C. not going to drive it any more
D. too ill to leave hospital
❺ Later Aunt Myra _ once a month.
A. met the brothers at the seaside
B. drove to the seaside
C. visited the brothers at the seaside
D. went to the seaside with the brothers

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