Tom was a poor boy,he made a living by cleaning leather shoes for others in the street. Tom was also a clever boy.
One day,a very rich man with the name Miser appeared in front of Tom. He watched his dirty shoes for a while and then looked at Tom. Tom knew this kind of people well:they love money very much and hate to spend it.
“Let me clean your shoes,sir,”said Tom
“For nothing?”asked the rich man.
“Only two pence,sir.”
Mr. Miser shook his head and then walked away.
Tom thought for a second and then called out,“I’d like to clean it for nothing!”This time Mr. Miser agreed. And soon one of his shoes was shining brightly.
When the rich man put his other shoe on the stool,Tom said he wouldn’t clean it for him unless he was paid two pence for his work. Mr. Miser was very angry. He refused to pay anything and went away,with a smile on his face.
But to his surprise,the well-cleaned shoe was so bright that it made the other one look even dirtier. Mr. Miser took a look round. The people in the street were laughing at him. He couldn’t walk on any further.
Finally the rich man returned and gave Tom two pence. In a very short time his two shoes shone brightly.
/ n.皮革:I always buy shoes made of leather. 我总是买皮鞋。
/ n.守财奴,吝啬鬼:Soon she discovered she had married a miser. 很快她发现自己嫁给了一个吝啬鬼。
for nothing不花钱地,免费地:I got the picture for nothing from a friend. 我从一位朋友那里免费得到了这幅画。
/ n.凳子:He was sitting on a stool at the bar drinking beer. 他正坐在酒吧的柜台边的凳子上喝啤酒。
❶ The story happened _.
A. in a shoe shop
B. in the street
C. at the rich man’s house
D. near the boy’s home
❷ Why did the boy call the man back and agree to clean it for nothing?
A. Because he was afraid of the rich man.
B. Because he liked to clean shoes for rich men.
C. Because he wanted to get something else instead of money.
D. Because he was sure he could get his pay from Mr. Miser.
❸ Why did Mr. Miser smile when he couldn’t have his other shoe cleaned?
A. Because he liked to walk with only one shoe cleaned.B. Because he had one of his shoes cleaned without paying for it.
C. Because he thought his other shoe needn’t to be cleaned at all.
D. Because he thought he wouldn’t be laughed at by the people in the street.
❹ Which of the following is true?
A. The boy was waiting for the rich man that day.
B. Mr. Miser didn’t want to have his shoes cleaned.
C. The rich man won at last.D. The rich man had to pay the boy for his work.
❺ From the passage we know _.
A. Mr. Miser was a generous man
B. the boy was fooled by the rich man
C. the boy was clever enough to have his work paid
D. it is good manners to have one’s shoes cleaned before he or she goes out

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