One sunny day all the animals came together to choose a king. They made a wide circle in the forest. A monkey danced and played such clever tricks that most animals made him king. The fox was very angry about this.
The next day the fox was walking slowly along a road. He saw a trap which a man had set. There was a piece of meat in the trap. He thought for a moment and then hurried off to fetch the monkey.
When the monkey saw the meat,he said it was fit for a king. The monkey quickly grabbed the meat and then was caught in the trap. Soon the man who had set the trap came by with his son. They took the monkey away with them.
The fox went to tell all the other animals what had happened. They all agreed that the monkey was not wise. They chose the fox instead
/ n.戏法,把戏:He taught the monkey to do tricks. 他教猴子耍把戏。
/ n.陷阱:The cable is a death trap for birds. 电缆是鸟类的死亡陷阱。
/ v.取来,去拿;(去)请(人)来:Fetch a doctor at once. 马上请位医生来。
/ adj.适合的:These houses are not fit to live in. 这些房子不适宜居住。
/ v.(grabbed,grabbing)抓住:I grabbed at his arm as he ran past. 他跑过的时候,我抓住了他的胳膊。
❶ One day all animals came together to _.
A. sing and dance
B. play games
C. watch a monkey dancing
D. choose a king
❷ The fox was very angry because _.
A. he couldn’t sing and dance
B. no animals said to him
C. that most animals made the monkey king
D. he was hungry and found nothing to eat
❸ The next day when the fox saw the meat in the trap,he _.
A. picked it out of the trap quickly
B. jumped in and ate it all
C. didn’t know what to do
D. hurried off to fetch the monkey
❹ The monkey thought the meat was for a king,so he _.
A. quickly grabbed it
B. went away
C. let the fox grab
D. sang and danced happily
❺ At last all the other animals _.
A. didn’t agree to choose their king
B. chose the fox to be their king instead of the monkey
C. knew that the man and his son took the monkey away
D. were sad because they had no king any longer

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