The weather in some parts of the United States changes a lot and often very quickly.
James and Jennifer were  1 
from Nevada to Idaho with their five-month-old son. Shortly after they left home it began to snow. The snow was soon so  2 
that it became a blizzard
(暴风雪). The blizzard went on for many hours. By the time it was over,there was about 1 5 
meters of snow on the road and it was  3 
to drive. They looked around for a house to stay in,but they could see nothing. They looked for another  4 
,but there wasn’t one to travel on. They had to stay where they were. They stayed there for  5 
days. They had very little to eat or drink. They ate some cookies they had in the car,and they even had  6 
for water. Jennifer was able to feed her baby herself.
After five days,they knew they could no longer stay in their car. James made a large hole in the snow for Jennifer and the baby to stay in,and he started the long walk to  7 
. In 22 hours he walked over 45 kilometers. At last he got to the town of Vya. James was very  8 
and could only just speak,but he was able to tell the people in the town where Jennifer and his son were. The people in the town hurried to  9 
Jennifer and her baby. When they found them,the baby was crying loudly. They took them to hospital,where the doctors  10 
Many people thought it was a miracle that the family didn’t die in such a blizzard.
/ n.曲奇饼干:sandwich cookies夹心饼干
/ v.喂,养:Don’t forget to feed the dog. 别忘了喂狗。
/ n.奇迹:It must have seemed a miracle to the onlookers. 对旁观者来说,这肯定像是个奇迹。
❶ A. drivingB. flyingC. walkingD. sailing
❷ A. thinB. strongC. coldD. white
❸ A. safeB. quickC. dangerousD. easy
❹ A. townB. personC. holeD. road
❺ A. sixB. fiveC. threeD. two
❻ A. fruitB. cookiesC. snowD. plants
❼ A. make moneyB. get helpC. see a doctorD. repair his car
❽ A. strangeB. interestedC. sadD. tired
❾ A. askB. visitC. saveD. feed
❿ A. looked afterB. looked upC. looked forD. looked like

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