When we do not understand each other’s language,we can talk with the help of signs.
A Frenchman was once travelling in England. He could not speak English at all. One day he went into a restaurant and sat down at a table. When the waiter came,he opened his mouth,put his fingers in it and took them out again. He wanted to say,“Bring me something to eat.”
The waiter soon brought him a cup of tea. The man moved his head from side to side. The waiter understood him and took the tea away. In a moment he came with a cup of coffee. But the man again refused it. He shook his head whenever the waiter brought him something to drink,for drinks are not food.
When the man was going away,another man came in. This man saw the waiter,and he put his hand on his stomach. That was enough. In a few minutes there was a large plate of meat and vegetables on the table in front of him.
So,you see,we cannot understand the language of signs as well as we can understand the language of words.
/ n.手指:I cut my finger with the knife. 我的手指被这把刀割破了。
/ v.拒绝:They offered him some money,but he refused politely. 他们要给他一些钱,但他婉言谢绝了。
/ v.摇动,震动:Many of the leaves had been shaken off by the wind. 许多树叶被风刮下来了。
/ n.胃,腹部:She injured her stomach by eating too much. 她吃得太多,伤了胃。
❶ From this passage,we can know that when people do not understand each other’s language,they can talk with the help of _.
A. a waiterB. a teacher
C. an Englishman
D. their hands,heads,and other parts of their bodies
❷ A Frenchman signed to the waiter _.
A. to give him some medicine
B. to bring him a cup of coffee
C. to ask him for food
D. to ask for a cup of tea
❸ The waiter brought the Frenchman _.
A. a cup of tea,a cup of coffee and a lot of other drinks
B. a large plate of meat and vegetables
C. a lot of drinks and a large plate of meat
D. a lot of food and drinks
❹ Another man saw the waiter,and put his hands on his stomach. He meant _.
A. he had a stomachache
B. he was hungry
C. he was very thirsty
D. he was full
❺ From this story,we know _.
A. people can only understand the language of words
B. people cannot know the language of signs as well as the language of words
C. people can make a waiter understand what they want
D. people can only understand their languages

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