The wind blows down the empty street. There are no cars or people on the street. Grass and weeds grow there. The wind blows through houses. The boards shake. No one cares. The houses are gray and empty. This is a ghost town.
Most ghost towns are in the mountains. They were built near old mines. Men came to work in the mines. They were looking for gold and silver.
The men who had families built houses. Soon there were stores selling food and other things. There were places to eat. The town was a busy place.
In twenty years,the gold and silver were gone. The men left. They took their families with them. The man who owned the stores left,too. All the people moved out. Today,only empty,gray old buildings are there. Can you tell why it is called a ghost town?
/ n.木板:The old house needed new floor boards. 这座旧房子要换上新地板。
/ n.鬼,幽灵:She thought she saw the ghost of her Aunt Martha. 她认为她看见了姑姑玛莎的鬼魂。
/ n.矿,矿井:At 14,he went down the mines. 他14岁就下矿井了。
/ v.拥有:They dreamed of owning their own home. 他们梦想着拥有自己的家。
/ is a large department store. 哈罗德是一家大型百货公司。
❶ When the gold and silver were gone,the people _.
A. cried
B. sang
C. leftD. moved
❷ The words in the story that mean“a place no one lives in any more”are _.
A. capital
B. desert
C. ghost town
D. mine
❸ Which of the following is true?
A. Men with families live in ghost towns.
B. People make a town live and grow.
C. Most towns are gray and empty.D. Ghost towns are interesting.
❹ Where are most of the ghost towns according to the story?
A. In the cities.
B. In the mountains.
C. In the busy places.
D. In the villages.
❺ What is the main idea of the whole story?
A. Gold is very difficult to find in a busy old town.
B. Houses and stores are built in mines.C. Some towns that were once busy became ghost towns.
D. Men looked for gold and silver in the mines

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