Who is the superstar of the cat world?It has to be Uncle Cat. Uncle Cat is a fat white cat living in the countryside of Japan. He is already nine years old,as old as our 50-year-old uncle in cat years. That’s why he gets the nickname Uncle Cat.
Uncle Cat is a lazy cat. He often half shuts his eyes and lies in the sun. It makes him look relaxed and peaceful. He also enjoys himself in a basket,so he has another name:Basket Cat.
Uncle Cat is clever. He knows exactly how to make himself look cool—to wear a pair of sunglasses. From hats to flowers,Uncle Cat likes everything that makes him a different cat.
Uncle Cat’s owner likes to take pictures of Uncle Cat. To his surprise,these photos are very popular on the Internet. They make people from all over the world get to know and love this cute cat.
Recently,a big earthquake happened in Uncle Cat’s hometown. But don’t worry. Uncle Cat is also a lucky cat. He is safe and sound. That means there will be more photos of Uncle Cat on time and he will soon bring us more fun!
/ n.绰号:“Rob”is a nickname for Robert.“罗伯”是“罗伯特”的绰号。
/ v.(使)放松,(使)休息:Let’s stop working and relax for an hour.咱们停工休息一小时吧。
‖relaxedadj.轻松自在的,悠闲从容的:He was lying in the sun looking very relaxed and happy. 他躺在阳光下,看上去非常轻松愉快。
/ n.和平;宁静:Do let me have a little peace.让我安静一会儿吧。
‖peacefuladj.平静的,安宁的:The hillsides looked very peaceful. 群山显得非常宁静。
/ adj.漂亮的,可爱的:What a cute little girl!多么可爱的小姑娘!
/ n.地震:Thousands of people were killed by the earthquake. 成千上万人死于地震。
❶ What do you know about Uncle Cat’s looks?
A. He is a fat white cat.
B. He is already nine years old.
C. He is a lovely cat.
D. He lives in the country of Japan.
❷ The main reason why Uncle Cat is called Basket Cat is that _.
A. he often half shuts his eyes
B. he always lies in the sunC. he enjoys himself in a basket
D. he looks relaxed and peaceful
❸ People from all over the world get to know and love Uncle Cat _.
A. during a big earthquake
B. on the Internet
C. from photo collections
D. in the newspaper

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