Have you noticed that chocolate bars are shrinking
?The prices of chocolate and sugar are always going up. The chocolate bar makers pass the money on to buyers. They know that people don’t want to pay more,so they make smaller chocolate bars. In one year a chocolate bar may go from 150g to 125g to 100g in weight while the price stays the same. When the bar gets so small that no one will buy it,they will make it larger and the price goes up,too.
/ n.(长方形)条,块:a candy bar糖棒/a chocolate bar一条巧克力
/ v.缩小,减少:Wool shrinks in washing. 毛料一洗要缩水。
pass on传递;转嫁:Any increase in wage costs is sure to be passed on to the consumer. 增加工资的成本必然会转嫁到消费者头上。
❶ What does the word“shrink
”mean in the passage?
A. To become expensive.
B. To become bigger.C. To become smaller.
D. To become cheaper.
❷ How do chocolate makers pass the money on to buyers?
A. They give some money to buyers so that they can buy their chocolate.
B. They make chocolate bars smaller but don’t change the prices.
C. They make chocolate bars bigger without changing their prices.
D. They just let the price of chocolate bars go down.
❸ Choose the right order of the following pictures that best shows the change of weight of chocolate bars. _.
Chocolate Bar NET WT 125g 15c(2)
Chocolate Bar NET WT 150g 20c(3)
Chocolate Bar NET WT 100g 15c(4)Chocolate Bar NET WT 150g 15c

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