Billy had a nice shop in the main street of a small town. He sold jewellery,watches,clocks and so on. All went well for some years,and then a thief stole a lot of jewellery from his shop twice in one month at night.
Three weeks passed,yet the police still didn’t catch the thief. So Billy decided to try to do something about it himself. He bought a good camera and fixed it up in his shop and put some cheap jewellery in front of it for the thief,so that it could take a photo of anyone who stole the jewellery.
A few nights later the thief came,but he did not touch any of the cheap jewellery that Billy had put out for him. He took the camera,which was worth 1,500 dollars.
/ jewels were kept in the safe.宝石藏在保险箱里。
‖jewelleryn.(总称)珠宝:We buy jewellery from the shop. 我们在这家店里购买珠宝。
put out拿出,取出,摆出:She still can’t remember to put out the milk bottles. 她仍记不住把牛奶瓶拿出去。
❶ At first all was getting on _ with him.
A. badly
B. successfully
C. quickly
D. unhappy
❷ Within one month _.
A. he began to sell cameras
B. he sold all the things in his shop
C. a thief stole all the things in his shop
D. a thief stole much of his jewellery
❸ Billy bought a camera in order to _.
A. take pictures for those who came to his shop
B. find out the thief with its help
C. become even richer
D. make his shop large
❹ In the end of this story,_.
A. Billy caught the thief
B. the thief stole the expensive camera
C. the thief took the camera and jewellery
D. the thief took the jewellery
❺ The thief in the story was very _.
A. stupid
B. sad
C. bright
D. old
过了几晚,窃贼来了,但他没有碰比利为他准备的那些廉价珠宝。他把价值1 500美元的相机拿走了。

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