Every Friday,Mary goes to work in a bank. She knows all her customers very well,because they are her classmates. In fact,Mary and her classmates are all 10 years old.
Mary’s bank is in a school in Chicago,in the USA. The children run it themselves. It is open for 30 minutes a week. During the maths lesson on Friday morning,Mary opens the bank.
The idea for a school bank came from the maths teacher. He took his idea to a bank. The bank agreed to his plan.
“We want to give the children a chance to learn about money,”said the teacher.“We are teaching them to look after their pocket money carefully.”
The next plan for the school bank is a credit card.“Many people in the USA don’t use credit cards very well,”said the teacher.“Our school bank will help the students learn how to use credit cards.”
The students will be able to buy school meals and books with their credit cards.
The bank is very popular with the students. One student said that the bank made school interesting. Many said that they had learnt something very useful.
/ n.顾客:These countries are the largest customers of US products. 这些国家是美国产品的最大买主。
in fact实际上:In fact,this book wasn’t the book I was looking for. 事实上,这本书不是我在找的那本。
/ n.计划,方案:We usually make our holiday plans in January. 我们通常在一月制订我们的度假计划。
/ n.机会:If you get the chance of going to America,you should take it!如果你有机会到美国去就别错过!
credit card信用卡:Can I pay by credit?我可以用信用卡付款吗?
❶ Mary knows all her customers well because _.
A. they visit the bank every day
B. they are all her teachers
C. they are all her classmates
D. they are all her friends
❷ The school bank opens _.
A. when the school is over
B. when the students are on holiday
C. only on Sunday
D. during a maths lesson
_ thought of the idea of opening a school bank.
A. Mary’s maths teacher
B. Mary
C. the headmaster of Mary’s school
D. the bank in Mary’s city
❹ The next plan for the school bank is a credit card because _.
A. credit cards are very important
B. many Americans don’t know how to use credit cards wellC. credit cards are very useful
D. money will become useless
❺ Which of the following is NOT true?
A. The students like the school bank very much.
B. The school bank makes school interesting.
C. The students can learn something useful in the school bank.
D. The school bank teaches the students how to make money.

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