Last Friday,after doing all the family shopping in town,I wanted to have a rest before catching the train. So I bought a newspaper and some chocolate,went into the station coffee shop and sat at a long table. I put my heavy bag down on the floor,put the newspaper and chocolate on the table,and went to get a cup of coffee.
When I came back with the coffee,there was someone sitting next to me. It was one of those strange-looking young men,with dark glasses,torn clothes and long hair. But I wasn’t surprised at such a young man. What surprised me most was that he had started to eat my chocolate!
I was quite uneasy about him,but I didn’t want to get into trouble. I just looked down at the front page of the newspaper and took a bit of chocolate. The boy looked at me. Then he took a second piece of chocolate. Still I didn’t say anything. When he took a third piece,I felt more angry than uneasy. I thought,“Well,I shall have the last piece,”and I got it.
The boy gave me a strange look,then stood up. As he left,he shouted out,“This woman is crazy!”Everyone looked at me. That was embarrassing enough. But it was worse when I finished my coffee and got ready to leave. My face went red when I found I had made a mistake.
It wasn’t my chocolate. Mine was just under my newspaper.
/ adj.撕烂的,破烂的:The nation is torn by war. 该国因战争而四分五裂。
/ adj.舒适的,安心的,自在的:They both retired and went off to lead an easy life in the Bahamas. 他俩都退休了,到巴哈马群岛去过舒适的生活了。
‖uneasyadj.不舒服的,不自在的,别扭的:The workers were uneasy about their jobs. 工人们担心他们的工作。
front page(报纸的)头版:The story made the front page of the New York
Times. 这个故事上了《纽约时报》的头版。
/ adj.疯狂的:It was crazy of her to do that. 她那样做真疯狂。
❶ The woman went to town _.
A. to do some shopping for her family
B. to have a rest
C. to buy some chocolate and coffeeD. to do nothing
❷ When she came back with the coffee,the woman was surprised because _.
A. a strange-looking young man was sitting next to her
B. the young man had dark glasses and torn clothes on
C. he was eating the chocolate
D. he had long hair
❸ The woman was not happy because _.
A. she thought the chocolate was hers
B. she was afraid of such a young manC. it was not polite to eat chocolate
D. someone was sitting next to her
❹ Who got angry?
A. The young man.
B. Both of them.
C. The woman.
D. The day.
❺ The woman found her mistake _.
A. after she left the coffee shop
B. after she finished reading the newspaperC. just before she left the coffee shop
D. when she arrived at the coffee shop

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