My brother,Henry,has an excellent job at a bank. I couldn’t believe him when he told me that he had decided to give it up. Though I tried to make him change his mind,I failed completely.
“You should reconsider your decision,”I said.“You have already spent five years in the bank and you could have a wonderful future. You might become a bank manager by the time you are thirty-five.”
“I know,”Henry answered.“I have got no complaints with the bank. It is a pleasant job. The bank manager told me that my future was excellent.”
“Then why do you want to leave?”I asked
“It’s the money,”Henry said.
“But you are getting a good salary,”I answered.
“I don’t mean that,”Henry said.“What do I do in the bank?Well,at the moment all I do is to count money. I find it very depressing.”
“What is depressing about counting money?”I asked.
“You don’t understand,”Henry answered.“I enjoy counting my own money,but I hate counting other people’s!”
/ n.抱怨:No complaints have been received so far. 迄今为止尚未听到不满的意见。
/ n.薪水:My salary is paid directly into my bank account. 我的薪水是直接拨入我的银行账户的。
/ v.计算,数:The teacher counted the children as they got on the bus. 孩子们上公共汽车时,老师在一旁清点人数。
/ adj.令人沮丧的,令人压抑的:The future of the company is very depressing. 公司的前景令人十分沮丧。
❶ The writer wants to know _.
A. what his brother does at the bank
B. how long his brother has worked at the bank
C. why his brother decided to give up his job
D. when his brother will become a bank manager
❷ His brother does not enjoy _.
A. working in pleasant conditions
B. keeping happy hours
C. counting his own moneyD. counting other people’s money
❸ “You should reconsider your decision.”Here“reconsider”means _.
A. give up
B. change
C. think again
D. make
❹ From the writer’s words we know that the bank pays his brother _ for his work.
A. a good salary
B. as much money as the manager’sC. no money
D. not much money
❺ The best topic for this story is _.
A. An Excellent Job
B. The Wonderful Future
C. Money Problem
D. Change in Mind

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