It is very strange that some famous professors are very absent-minded. They are always b 1 
with their work and seldom notice what is going on around them.
Professor Martin is not only absent-minded,but short-sighted as well. One fine day recently he went for a w 2 
in the countryside,but as always,he had a book in his h 3 
,and soon was lost in thought. He hadn’t gone far when he knocked into a big cow and fell down. He had lost his glasses,and he thought he had fallen over a fat lady.“I beg your pardon,madam,”he said politely before searching for his glasses. As soon as he had p 4 
on his glasses he realized his mistake.
Soon he forgot all about it and concentrated on his book,paying no attention to anything else. He had hardly been walking for ten minutes when he fell over again,losing both his book and his glasses. This t 5 
he became very angry. Seizing his umbrella,he struck the“cow”in anger. Then,after finding his glasses,he realized with horror that he had made a second mistake—more serious t 6 
the first. A fat woman was r 7 
away from him in terror.
absent-mindedadj.心不在焉的:She is so absent-minded and careless. 她非常心不在焉、粗心大意。
short-sightedadj.近视的:Testing showed her to be very short-sighted. 测试表明她近视得非常严重。
as well还,也:She can ride a horse and swim;she can shoot as well. 她会骑马和游泳,还会射击。
/ v.抓住,俘获:The policeman seized the thief. 警察抓住了小偷。
/ v.(struck,struck或stricken)击,打,敲:He struck the table angrily. 他愤怒地敲着桌子。
/ n.恐惧,恐怖:When I had read it I was filled with horror. 读完后,我的心中充满了恐惧。

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