It all started at the beginning of the ninth grade. Carmen found she couldn’t see things 1 
all the time. She became very worried,but she hoped nobody would know that. When her mother asked her to see the eye doctor,she didn’t  2 
. But her mother’s mind was made up.
Three days later,Carmen got new glasses and instructions
(使用说明) 3 
her doctor.“All of the kids will think I’m silly,”Carmen said. Her mother  4 
and shook her head.“You look just as beautiful as before,”she said. But Carmen didn’t believe her.
The next day,Carmen kept the  5 
in her pocket as she walked into the schoolyard. She stood alone away from her friends,feeling unhappy.
Suddenly,she heard her friend Theresa shouting.
Carmen ran over to the other girls.“What’s the  6 
?”she asked.
“My ring is gone!”Theresa cried.“My sister sent it to me from California. It’s very special and I can’t lose it.”
Carmen and her friends began to  7 
the ring in the grassy area of the playground
Carmen realized that she could do better  8 
she could see better. She took the glasses out and put them on. Everything looked so different!So clear!She looked down at the ground and a bright light caught her  9 
. It was the ring.
“Here it is,”she shouted. She handed it to Theresa.
“Thanks,Carmen,”she said,“I  10 
thought we’d find it.”She paused.“Hey,I didn’t know you wore glasses. They look great!”
Carmen had forgotten that she was wearing the new glasses.“Thanks,”she replied.
“Maybe wearing glasses won’t be so bad after all,”Carmen thought.
make up one’s mind打定主意,决定:He made up his mind not to speak a word. 他打定主意一个字也不说。
/ adj.特殊的:She’s a special friend of mine. 她是我一位特别要好的朋友。
/ n.草,牧草:Cattle eat grass. 牛吃草。
/ v.暂停:He paused for a drink of water. 他停下来喝了口水。
❶ A. clearlyB. carefullyC. freelyD. quickly❷ A. explainB. careC. agreeD. understand❸ A. byB. fromC. likeD. to❹ A. relaxedB. cheeredC. smiledD. jumped❺ A. ringB. keysC. bookD. glasses❻ A. matterB. reasonC. questionD. secret❼ A. ask forB. wait forC. look forD. pay for❽ A. thoughB. ifC. becauseD. as❾ A. earsB. feetC. eyesD. hands❿ A. stillB. everC. neverD. often

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