One day a lawyer’s wife fell ill and he went to get a doctor. The doctor went to see the woman,but before he went into the house he stopped. He knew that the lawyer never paid his bill. So he said to the man,“If I do cure your wife I’m afraid you may not pay me.”
“Sir,”said the lawyer,“here I have $500. Whether you cure my wife or you kill her I will give you all this.”
The doctor was now sure of the payment and went into the house. When he reached the woman’s bedside,it was soon clear to him that he could do little. She was badly ill,and though he gave her some medicine to take,she soon died.
He told the lawyer he was very sorry,then asked for the money.
“Did you kill my wife?”asked the lawyer
“Of course not,”said the doctor.
“Well,did you cure my wife?”asked the lawyer.
“I’m afraid that was impossible,”answered the doctor.
“Well then,since you didn’t kill her and you didn’t cure her,I have nothing to pay you.”
/ n.(将付或应付的)款项:He was unable to keep up the payments on his car. 他无力继续支付买汽车的后续付款。
/ n.药,药物:He’s always taking medicines. 他总是吃药。
/ adj.办不到的,不可能的:It’s impossible for me to help. 我无法帮忙。
❶ Before the doctor went into the lawyer’s house he stopped because _.
A. the lawyer was too poor to pay his bills
B. the lawyer had a bad name
C. he knew well he couldn’t cure the lawyer’s wifeD. he knew the lawyer would not pay what he should
❷ Because the lawyer’s wife was badly ill,the doctor _.
A. did not look over her at all
B. found it impossible to cure her
C. spent a lot of time operating on her
D. did nothing for her
❸ After the lawyer’s wife died,the doctor _.
A. got nothing but the money for the medicineB. got his pay
C. got no money at all
D. didn’t want to take the pay
❹ The doctor was very sorry because _.
A. he didn’t cure the lawyer’s wife
B. the lawyer’s wife was badly ill
C. he killed the lawyer’s wife
D. the lawyer paid nothing for his work
❺ Which do you think is the best title for the passage?
A. The Lawyer and His WifeB. She Got Badly Ill
C. A Good Doctor and a Poor Lawyer
D. The Lawyer’s Trick(诡计)

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