The old shoes had brought him so much trouble that Johnny decided to throw them away. He went to the rubbish pit outside the city and threw the old shoes into it.“Now they can’t bring me more trouble,”he said.
He returned home,lay down on his bed and slept. But he had a dog,and the dog often went to the rubbish pit to look for food. The dog saw the shoes in the pit and knew they were its master’s. So the dog took one of the heavy shoe in its mouth and went slowly back with it,and left it at its master’s bedside. Then the dog fetched the other shoe in the same way.
When Johnny woke up,he saw the shoes by his bed and he was afraid.“These shoes can walk by themselves,they must be done away with,”he thought. Then he made a large fire in front of his house and put the shoes on it.
Just then a strong wind was blowing and before long the fire made the house begin burning. His neighbours immediately came but could do nothing. The house was burnt down,but the old shoes were saved by the dog again.
/ n.垃圾:It’s only rubbish—throw it away. 这只是垃圾,扔掉吧。
/ n.深坑:He who digs a pit for others falls in himself. 害人反害己。
/ n.主人:The dog obeyed his master. 那条狗听主人的话。
/ v.(burnt或burned)烧毁,烧伤;燃烧:She burned her hand on the stove.她在炉子上烧伤了手。
‖burn down烧毁(建筑物等):The city was burned down by the enemy. 城市被敌人烧毁了。
❶ One day the old shoes _.
A. were bitten by the dog
B. were put away by his neighbours
C. were thrown into the rubbish pitD. were stolen by the thief
❷ The dog often went to the rubbish pit for food because _.
A. it had nothing to do at home
B. it wanted to find his master’s old shoes
C. it wanted to play there
D. it was hungry
❸ Where did the dog take the old shoes back from?
A. It took them back from the street.
B. It took them back from the rubbish pit.C. It took them back from the river side.
D. It took them back from the the school.

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