Mr. and Mrs. Brown were going to America for their holiday. They had a dog called Blackie. They liked it very much,but they couldn’t take it with them,so they looked for a good place to leave it in while they were away. At last they found a place. It took good care of dogs while their owners were away. The Browns took Blackie there. Just before they left for their holiday,they said goodbye to Blackie.
At the end of their holiday,they got back to England very late at night. They decided to wait until the next morning before going to get their dog back.
So the next morning Mr. Brown got into his car and drove happily to get Blackie home.
When he reached home with the dog,he said to his wife,“Do you know,dear,I don’t think Blackie enjoyed its stay at that place very much. It barked all the way home in the car. It seemed that it wanted to tell me something.”
Mrs. Brown looked at the dog carefully and then answered,“You are quite right,dear. It was certainly trying to tell you something. But it wasn’t trying to tell you that it hadn’t enjoyed its stay at that place. It was only telling you that you were bringing the wrong dog home. This isn’t Blackie.”
/ n.拥有者,主人:Who is the owner of the building?谁是这座楼房的主人?
/ v.(狗等)汪汪叫:The neighbor’s dog barked all night. 邻居家的狗叫了一晚上。
❶ Where did Mr. and Mrs. Brown have their holiday?
A. In England.
B. In Japan.
C. In America.
D. In Australia.
❷ We know that Blackie was _.
A. Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s son
B. a young dog
C. two years old
D. a lovely dog
❸ When Mr. and Mrs. Brown were having their holiday,they _.
A. took Blackie with them
B. left Blackie at a good place
C. often wrote to Blackie
D. left Blackie at home
❹ They got Blackie home _.
A. as soon as they got home
B. the next morning
C. the next Sunday
D. at the end of their holiday
❺ From the end of the story we know _.
A. Mr. Brown brought a wrong dog home
B. Blackie was not taken good care of at that place
C. Blackie didn’t enjoy its stay at that place
D. Blackie didn’t want to go home

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