Do you know that animals have love for each other and their children just like us humans?Let me tell you some moving stories of great animal parents.
Several years ago a heavy rain hit a town and made the river go up. When the rain stopped,people found that a dog swam to an island in the river twice a day for two weeks. Why did she do so?Her four children were there. The mother swam there every day to feed her babies. This true story moved many people.
Another story is about chimpanzees. A scientist named Jane Goodall spent 14 years living with chimpanzees in Africa. She found that chimpanzees also cared for those that were hurt or got lost.“It is not only humans who have duties,animals also do,”she said.
Two birds in Chengdu also showed their parental love. Their baby was hurt and fell on the street in the center of the city. Cars were driving past but the brave parents rushed down to the road and took the little bird away with their claws.
/ v.感动:The report about the child moved many people to tears. 这篇关于这名儿童的报道使许多人感动得流下了眼泪。
‖movingadj.动人的,感人的:This is a moving story. 这是一个感人的故事。
/ n.责任:Every person has a duty to their country. 每个人对自己的国家都有一份责任。
/ adj.父母的,家长的:your parental rights and responsibilities你作为父母的权利和义务
/ n.(猫等动物的)爪子:Cats have sharp claws. 猫的爪子很锋利。
❶ After the heavy rain,the mother dog swam to the island _.
A. to look for food
B. to feed her babies
C. to move some people
D. to carry things to her owner
❷ The scientist found chimpanzees _.
A. cared for the hurt or lost ones
B. often left for a far place
C. always stayed in the same place
D. didn’t care about each other
❸ The two birds rushed down and took the little one away because _.
A. they didn’t like their baby
B. they were not kind enough
C. they wanted to teach their baby
D. they wanted to save their baby
❹ From the passage we know _.
A. dogs like to swim across the river in a heavy rain
B. mother birds don’t want to save their children
C. animal parents love their children a lot
D. all animals want to move people very much

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