Smith is one of my friends. He can run very fast indeed. He is proud of this and he is always ready to show people how fast he can run
One day a thief broke into his house,took some of his things and ran out of the house as fast as he could. Smith ran after him shouting.“Hey!Stop!Don’t you know you can’t get away from me?”
But the thief only ran faster. Smith got angry. He tried his best to run. He was soon several miles away from his home. He was still rushing along when he knocked into me.
“Why are you in such a hurry?”I asked.
“I’m trying to catch a thief,”said Smith.
“But where is the thief?”I asked.
“Miles and miles behind,”said Smith with a laugh.“He thought he could run faster than I,but you see he’s wrong.”
/ adv.确实:“Do you know her name?”“Indeed I do.”“你知道她的名字吗?”“当然知道。”
/ v.猛冲:Then three policemen rushed at him. 接着三个警察向他冲过去。
/ v.碰,撞:Twice she knocked against something. 她两次碰着了什么东西。
‖knock into偶然遇见,碰见:I knocked into my old teacher in the town this morning. 我今天早上在城里碰见了我昔日的老师。
❶ What is Smith proud of?
A. His house.
B. His things.
C. His running.
D. His friend.
❷ What happened to him one day?
A. A thief stole some of his things.B. His friend broke into his house.
C. A thief broke into his friend’s house.
D. He stole the things of his friend.
❸ What did Smith do with the thief?
A. He made friends with him.
B. He hit him on the head.
C. He ran after him immediately.
D. He stayed far behind,shouting.
❹ Did Smith catch the thief at last?
A. Yes,he did.B. No,he didn’t.
C. He did but set him free.
D. No,but his friend did.
❺ Who do you think is foolish?
A. The thief is.
B. The writer is.
C. Smith’s friend is.
D. Smith himself is.

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