Tom was crossing the road the other day when he saw a red car coming in the distance. He thought the car would stop,as the lights had turned red. However,the car was going too fast and Tom soon knew that it couldn’t stop in time. He tried to move out of its way but it was too late. Tom was knocked down by the red car and lay unconscious on the road. Some people who happened to pass by quickly went to him and an ambulance was called for.
Mary was a little girl,but she was very clever. The driver of the red car did not stop but the clever girl had noted down the number of the car. When the police came,she gave him the number of the red car.
Meanwhile,Tom was taken to the nearest hospital and his parents were called for. They were very surprised to hear of the accident and quickly rushed to be by his side. For three days Tom was unconscious and his parents were worried that he might die. But on the fourth day Tom woke up and spoke softly. His parents were overjoyed. The police,by then,had found out the owner of the car and arrested him.
/ adj.失去知觉的,神志不清的:She lay unconscious on the table. 她趴在桌子上,失去了知觉。
/ n.救护车:He was ringing for an ambulance. 他正在打电话叫救护车。
/ v.记下,记录:The policeman noted down every word I said. 警察记下了我说的每句话。
/ adj.非常高兴的,大喜过望的:She seemed overjoyed to see us. 见到我们,她似乎非常高兴。
/ v.逮捕:The police arrested the thief. 警察逮捕了这名窃贼。
❶ Tom saw _ while he was crossing the road the other day.
A. a dog coming at him
B. a group of people
C. a red car
D. a blue sport car
❷ He thought the car would stop because _.
A. he told it to stop
B. it was against a red light
C. he was at a zebra crossing
D. the driver was kind
❸ The driver knocked Tom down _.
A. but didn’t stop
B. and stopped to help Tom
C. and called the ambulance for Tom
D. and shouted at Tom
❹ One of the people who happened to pass by _.
A. checked the driver of the red car
B. ran after Tom
C. wrote down the number of the red car
D. forgot the number of the red car
❺ Tom was taken to the nearest hospital and the owner of the red car was _ a few days later.
A. told to make an apology to Tom
B. told to be a good driver the next time
C. not allowed to drive for the rest of his life
D. caught by the police

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