A. agreed  B. certain  C. distance  D. all right  E. happened  F. noise  G. took place  H. fool  I. passed

While Mr. Green was waiting for a bus one morning,a car  1 
him,going very rapidly. Mr. Green just had time to think,“That fellow’s  2 
to have an accident if. . .”Suddenly the accident exactly  3 
. The car hit the side of a bus violently as it was passing,and there was a terrible  4 
and quite a lot of damage.
Mr. Green hurried to see whether anyone had been hurt,but everyone was  5 
. However,the bus driver asked him to be a witness at the trial,and Mr. Green  6 
At the trial,the judge asked Mr. Green,“How far were you from the place where the accident  7 
“Eleven metres and forty-eight centimetres,”Mr. Green answered. The judge was astonished and said,“How do you know the  8 
so exactly?”
“Because I was expecting some fool to ask me,”Mr. Green answered.
/ adj.猛烈的,激烈的:He hit the man with a violent blow. 他猛地打了那个人一下。
/ n.破坏,损坏:Was there much damage to the car?汽车损坏得严重吗?
/ n.目击者,见证人:He is the witness of the accident. 他是这起事故的目击者。
/ n.审判:Their trial will be held next week. 对他们的审判将于下周进行。
/ v.估计,预料:I expect that she will come. 我估计她会来。

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